About Us

For children in underserved communities, life’s daily stresses can put a major strain on their physical and mental well being.

6ix Kids Yoga is a charitable program that, in partnership with, Scadding Court Community Centre, brings yoga and mindfulness training to children in schools across the GTA. Led by experienced and certified yoga instructors, our free classes help children:

• Increase their physical flexibility
• Improve focus and concentration
• Learn calming and stress-relieving habits
• Build self-esteem
• Strengthen their mind-body connection
• And, most importantly, have fun!

6ix Kids Yoga has provided services to over 300 hundred students over the last three years, and we’re continuing to grow! Please help us to reach more children across Toronto by donating to the 6ix Kids Yoga program. Go to www.scaddingcourt.org/donate, or click on the Donate button on each page of our website.

99% of the proceeds we raise directly fund our yoga classes, with less than 1% used for administrative purposes.

Shanchoy Mahajan
Administrative Director
& Yoga Coordinator 
After receiving her 200 hr Yoga Teacher Certification from YogaSpace in Toronto, Shanchoy has been teaching yoga throughout the city. She teaches Yoga for Staff at not-for-profit organizations, Yoga for Literacy, Yoga for Kids, Yoga for persons with limited mobility and Yoga for Mental health and Addictions. She also teaches various drop-in classes around the city and provides private and group classes. 

Shanchoy's teaching focuses on alignment, stretching and strengthening key areas of the body, and includes breathing technique, meditation and over-all body awareness. Her goal is to share the joy, calm and focus, as well as the physical benefits that can be achieved through yoga. www.choyyoga.com

Victor Sagar
Founder & 
Executive Director
Victor operated a successful chain of home furnishings stores for 25 years (Down Under Bedding). But his real passion has always been philanthropy, he's been practising yoga & Meditation for several years. It helped make such a positive change in his life.

In 2013, he had an idea to provide Yoga & Mindfulness training to students in underserved communities. With the support of Scadding Court Community centre, he funded the project & Ryerson Community School was the pilot project. The Foundation has since expanded to several schools & hundreds of children receive yoga & mindfulness training.


Mohsin Khattak
Community Outreach Coordinator 

Mohsin began his career over 20 years ago as a mentor for young children in the downtown Toronto community where he grew up.  Quickly realizing the positive impact he could make in young people’s lives, he has dedicated his life to community work.

In 2013 Mohsin gladly teamed up with childhood friend Victor Sagar to bring yoga & mindfulness training to students in underserved communities. Through his many networks Mohsin was able to seamlessly bring the program to various inner-city schools in the city. To date the program is operating in five schools and we are continuing to grow.



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