Our Strategic Plan


   A healthy community in which every individual and group has the capacity to achieve their 
   full potential.

   To support and foster the well being of individuals, families, and community groups by  
   providing and encouraging both local and international opportunities for recreation, 
   education, athletics, community participation and inclusive social interaction.

   As we work toward our vision, Scadding Court Community Centre shall strive to:
   1.  Work in partnership and collaboration.
   2.  Use research and evaluation to identify and respond to community needs.  
   3.  Strive to provide all community members with full access to our programs and services.
   4.  Promote access to technology for all community members.
   5.  Be open to new opportunities as they arise.
   6.  Consider SCCC in the context of being a member of the local, provincial, national and
        global communities.
   7.  Develop and deliver programs, services and an environment that builds capacity in
        both individuals and groups, thereby supporting them in achieving their potential for
        personal and social health.  
   8.  Foster an environment of diversity and inclusion.   
   9.  Be an organization that is:
        - Equitable
        - Inclusive
        - Respectful
        - Competent
        - Innovative
        - Ethical
        - Responsible
        - Accountable
        - Credible
        - Environmentally responsible

  10. Be an organization that emphasizes:
        - Excellence 
        - Teamwork
        - Integrity
        - Leadership
        - An atmosphere of caring, sensitivity, fairness and imagination

    Strategic Directions

    Direction #1 :  Continue and enhance an organizational culture of innovation and action
    that extends across all levels of the organization.

    Direction #2 : Contribute to an inclusive and revitalized community through public space
    animation, local economic development, and agency redevelopment to meet community

    Direction #3 :  Foster a culture of collaboration through innovative and non-traditional
    partnerships, incubation of emerging organizations and development of new service
    delivery models.

    Direction #4 : Catalyse and facilitate programs and social change-focused activity in 
    response to community needs: issue identification, research, capacity-building, policy
    development, communications and mobilization. 

    Direction #5 : Expand the engagement of, partnership with, and service delivery for
    people with disabilities.