Syrian Refugee Support Fund

Syria’s civil war and its aftermath have been declared one of the worst humanitarian disasters of our time. Eleven million Syrians have been forced out of their homes in a five year civil war. The numbers continue to grow. Millions have faced unspeakable horror as they try to find a safe haven. This is being called the worst refugee crisis since WWII. It is an international crisis that begs for Canadians to do our part to help.

Rosario Marchese, in partnership with SCCC, are organizing a dinner to sponsor Syrian refugee families to settle here in Toronto. The proceeds from the event along with funds raised by Magnolia Women Seniors’ Group, a constituent group committed to the fundraising effort, will go to JIAS (Jewish Immigrant Aid Services) Toronto.

To see how you can help, please click here.

United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR)VIDEO