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    Posted on: 07/28/2018

    Every Saturday 10am  - 11am 

    Healthy Foundations

    - Free
    - Registered participants
    - In the gym
    - Once a week for 10 weeks
    - 8+ forms of physical activities that improve physical skills and literacy
    - Program for the following ages:1-2 or 3-6 years
    - Program for Families
    - program for children 1-6 years of age and accompanied adults

    About Healthy Foundations
    • Encourages and promotes families and children to take an approach to a healthier lifestyle
    • Incorporates physical  activities and physical literacy
    • Offers families with the proper knowledge and skills to take action
          and maintain good eating and exercise habits
    • Aims to instill a sense of awareness about physical activity from an early age to lay the
          foundations for a lifetime of healthy living for children and families
    • Encourages and promotes an integrated approach of physical movement skills to be continued at home.
    • Free of charge and encourages families to access this opportunity at a location that fits their lifestyle

    More information: 416.392.0335

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