Access Equity and Anti-racism

Racism, sexism, ageism and many other forms of discrimination are present in Canada and affect us all. Without addressing this reality, SCCC cannot achieve its mandate of supporting and fostering well-being through recreation, education, athletics, community participation and social interaction.

This is an ongoing process that requires us to take action in many different ways. We have therefore made it a priority to fight racism and discrimination through:

Setting and enforcing strong organizational policies
Leading and participating in community education, for example through the Community Education and Access to Police Complaints Partnership (CEAPC)
  Working with community members to link local issues with systemic issues, for example the Where Can We Play project done by our Young Muslimahz group
  Recognizing and rewarding young people fighting for equity and anti-racism through our Investing in our Diversity Scholarship Program
  Projects that involve collaboration with social institutions, for example the Youth and Police Relationships – Interactions and Interventions Leading to Healthy Communities
  Active membership in coalitions focused on the issues