About the Scholarship Program


Program Highlights...

Awarded 362 scholarships, valued at over $973,000 between 2001 and 2016
Secured second year matching scholarships valued at over $281,000 from our academic partners: Ryerson University, University of Toronto, York University, OCADU, George Brown College, Seneca College,and Humber College
Matched over 66 students to meaningful summer jobs from 2008 through our partnership with St. Stephen’s Community House Employment and Training Centre
- Scholarship awards range from $1,000- $4,000

Program Overview

The Investing in Our Diversity Scholarship program offers up to $4,000 to deserving young leaders across Toronto entering their first year of post-secondary or trade school. The program also provides valuable employment support and professional networks that pave the way for academic and career development. These scholarships reward students who have shown leadership in diversity and anti-racism initiatives, demonstrate financial need, and represent different neighborhoods across the city.

Last year, the scholarship program awarded 46 individuals with scholarships valued at $130,000 thanks to our sponsors and donors.


The Investing in Our Diversity scholarships supports low income youth from marginalized communities who face many barriers to valuable opportunities. The program is unique in that it not only recognizes academic achievement, but honours young people who are actively involved in their community and demonstrate strong leadership. The program aims to facilitate ongoing community involvement and success through the various components including continued financial support secured through matching scholarships, employment support as well as networking opportunities with industry leaders.

Program Components

Second-Year Matching Scholarship
Ryerson University, University of Toronto, York University, OCADU University, George Brown College, Seneca College, and Humber College all have a shared vision of mitigating financial barriers to education. Recipients of first year scholarships have the opportunity to receive a matching scholarship from these institutions. They can also offer a range of specialized support, mentorship, opportunities and employment to further assist recipients throughout their academic journey.

Employment Program  
Career development requires learning a new set of skills, networking with those who can offer support and opportunities, and taking necessary steps towards personal development. With the support of our partner St. Stephen’s Employment and Training Centre, each applicant will be taken through the essential building blocks of career development. Applicants will benefit from one-on-one career counselling including resume writing workshops, interview skill-building and professional networking.

Through St. Stephen’s job matching program a number of career-related summer jobs have been secured for program participants. Program sponsors and supporters have offered these opportunities as an extension of the program’s overall philosophy of providing valuable, long-term support for aspiring young leaders. Past opportunities included internships at The Samuel Lunenfeld Research Institute of Mount Sinai Hospital, Scotiabank, The Score, Housing Connections, Toronto Community Housing and City Hall.