The Talk project

Welcome to The Talk!

We are a youth run group that has held weekly meetings researching and developing a workshop on Mental Health Disorders over the past year. Each individual in our group has first and second hand experience with mental health disorders. We are using our stories to educate, empower, and connect with youth going through similar experiences.

Funded by the Law Foundation of Ontario, partnered with Schizophrenia Society of Ontario, and Scadding Court Community Centre, we bring factual and experiential material to the classrooms of high schools.

We created this program in response to the lack of awareness around mental health issues in Canada. Mental illnesses plague 1 in 5 Canadians, yet get the least coverage in the media and educational system. Systematic barriers prevent youth that are suffering from mental health disorders from obtaining and maintaining jobs, finishing school, building relationships, and overall living a “normal” life.

We are specifically focusing on wrongful convictions and the criminalization of youth that are suffering from mental illnesses. We want to bring awareness to this injustice, and offer alternative options for responding to mental illness with punishment.  

We hope to be a place that amplifies voice for the youth of today, and future generations.

Our goal is to break through the many stigmas, and create an open dialogue between peers, as well as bring forth common knowledge and resources to the community.

Clinical Depression


Bipolar Disorder


Criminalization of Mental Illness