Our History

Scadding Court Community Centre (SCCC) was built in 1978 as a one-storey, 55,000 square foot facility. Its founding vision was that of a community-controlled centre with a social/recreational focus and mandate which allowed people in the neighbourhood to plan and develop their own services and activities.

In the late 1960’s – early 1970’s, the Dundas Street/Bathurst Street neighbourhood underwent a period of urban renewal, with many new housing units being built but little consideration given to the need for more community facilities. An Advisory Group formed in 1973 to develop a proposal for the land on the southeast corner of Dundas and Bathurst Streets. Community members were engaged in a process that culminated in the decision to develop a community-controlled community centre. A consultative process was used to design the facility and create a Steering Committee to secure the land, and get capital funding from the three levels of government. Five committees were set up to look at management, daycare, seniors programs, recreation and youth, and common community space. By 1976, the land was secured and a firm commitment of capital funding made by the City of Toronto, the School Board and the Library Board.

In March 1976, an SCCC Advisory Board was struck to oversee the project and to obtain operating funds. It included a majority of local residents, the area City Councillor and School Trustee. The development of SCCC was carried forward by local residents, who expressed their strong support by signing petitions, attending public meetings and working patiently and persistently on long series of committee and planning sessions.

In June 1979, SCCC opened its doors to the public with a community celebration. Since then, we have become an organization known for high quality social and recreational programming, particularly for children, youth and people with disabilities as well as for progressive community and social development activities that extend across the city.