Centre of Excellence-People with Disabilities

Despite recent changes in legislation, technological developments and a growing awareness about disability, people experiencing disability, illness and/or who are aging continue to face physical, systemic, and social barriers to participation in recreational, educational and social activities that improve their quality of life, promote health and benefit communities.

For over 30 years, Scadding Court has offered programs for people with disabilities. Throughout the centre, we strive to include and integrate people with differing abilities by: 

Offering programs targeted to people with disabilities
Integrating people with disabilities into ongoing programs
Creating a warm, welcoming and inclusive environment
Making accessible and adaptive technology publicly available, for example Internet access at our accessible public computer kiosk
Supporting the disability arts theatre troupe

Working with others to create public, community and civic engagement opportunities for people of all abilities, for example the 2010 Mayoral Debate on Disability Issues